IT Staffing is one of our strongest capabilities and we select employees on the basis of a strong skillset and an ability to build rapport with our clients. To achieve business targets and specific outcomes, it is important to have the right person for the right job.

IT Staffing Services

Our recruits undergo a rigorous screening and training process before they are outsourced to clients. They go out not as employees but as agents of change, bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Our services include:

  • IT Applications Staffing Services
  • Infrastructure & Networking Staffing Services
  • Communications Staffing Service
  • Testing Staffing Services
  • Hiring models
    • Full Time
    • Temp to hire
    • Temp

Why Rudra?

Rudra emphasizes the importance of the local presence with its offices in USA, India and Australia. Rudra is committed to delivering high quality services to its clients and achieves this goal by locating its consultants in the geography of the clients it serves. Rudra’s business model ensures high quality, speed and affordability. The business model supports in-person client – consultant’s interactions thereby ensuring the complex issues can be simplified. Rudra also gives its clients the ability to ramp up or down depending on the project needs.

Rudra focuses on the basic tenet of business – client satisfaction and customer delight.

Help our clients by identifying the best suited delivery model with high service quality at an affordable cost. Talent pool of highly skilled professionals with diverse domain experience and technological expertise to serve our Clients better – by identifying their needs and implementing solution. We’re tied – up with various universities in USA to tap the talent and train them to client’s requirements.